Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control
As native Houstonians, we hate mosquitos, and know you do to! This is a service about which we are very passionate — because let’s be honest, killing mosquitoes is awesome! When it comes to mosquito control, we don’t mess around. We utilize a four-step treatment process to insure you and your family can enjoy spending time together outside without the threat of mosquitos ruining your time. We offer permanently installed systems that use strategically placed misting nozzles to stop the mosquitoes in their tracks, or can come out on a monthly basis and use a high velocity blower backpack loaded with the most effective EPA-registered ingredients on the market. Stop settling for band aid solutions and let us end your mosquito problem once and for all!



Included in your monthly treatment is our four-step plan:


A larvicide treatment (which kills all larvae present on your property before they hatch).
A growth regulator (which targets the central nervous system of young mosquitos and kills them before they mature).
A kill-on-contact formula (which kills any adult mosquitos present at the time of treatment).
A residual kill-on-contact formula (which leaves a microscopic coating on plants that is waterproof and kills mosquitos, fleas and ticks for up to 20 days).





Mosquito Treatment Application





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